Welcome to this Tribe

The bar with the best vibe in town.

A friendly bar. If you come one time you will always want to come back.
Dance with fire and drink your melancholy when the bells ring.
Quench your thirst and awake the spirits of the traditional paceña’s night.

Ashe Malegría

Saya, fill your heart with rhythm!

Every thursday live music with the Afrobolivian Saya. A must see in your visit to La Paz city.
Feel the warm afrobolivian people, they fill Malegría with their music, let them dance as one with you. Your heart will beat to the rhythm of yungean drums, with the voice of spirit, the voice of tradition, the voice of culture...
♪♫♪♫ “…let’s dance, let’s dance everyone to the saya’s rhythm…” ♪♫♪♫

Handmade pizza in wood oven

Complete your visit tasting a delicious handmade pizza baked with firewood.

A great combination of italian gastronomy and local fresh ingredients that come to your table and makes an instant mouth-watering treat.
Ask for them until 02:15am.

Our Cocktail Bar

Male’s drink alchemy merges the best liquors with the freshest and exotic natural flavors.
Together with local destilleries, that make high quality products, we have managed to create exquisite mixtures.
Come to enjoy our unique creations!


Ocassions and parties that you have to live in Male!

Be part of this Tribe!

    • No cover
    • Don’t forget to port any kind of ID.
    • Reservations until 23:30.
    • Reservations require a minimum consumption.


We are absolutley sure that you will have a fu$&@ng grate time!